My comp has held up all day today, so Gozz should be back baby!
Gotta update that side bar for raid progress! Normal 88% psh, try 100% normal and 38% heroic!
G'huunies never say die!
Good job on that G'huun kill!
Good job tonight guys! Heroic Taloc down :p
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World of Warcraft

Heroic Argus The Unmaker Kill

Katpriestess adminOfficer posted Apr 5, 18

Congratulations on another Ahead of the Curve achievement!  

Zetch adminOfficer Nice! Gratz guys.
Belaradori YEYYY!!!

Heroic Kil'Jaeden - Dead

Katpriestess adminOfficer posted Oct 6, 17

Well done, team.  

I can't upload logs - I think their servers are crushed from high demand.  In the meantime I checked this:

First Night of Raid

Just thought you'd want to see where we stood on night one. 


Luzio woot! :d
Gozz Damn son that's awesome for only 2 hours! Lets keep it up guys!
av8ordoc That's awesome! And it was the best progression raid I've ever been in! haha
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