Guild Rules, finally updated.
Good job on Mythrax tonight!
Well my logging still wasn't working right, but I've finally gotten it all fixed so I'll have logs auto-on for raids from this point forward!
If you are interested in raiding with us in BfA, make a post in the raid forums under the unofficial roster topic.
please see the post in forums about our summer plans between now and BFA
You do not have access to shout.
World of Warcraft

I can't upload logs - I think their servers are crushed from high demand.  In the meantime I checked this:

First Night of Raid

Just thought you'd want to see where we stood on night one. 


Luzio woot! :d
Gozz Damn son that's awesome for only 2 hours! Lets keep it up guys!
av8ordoc That's awesome! And it was the best progression raid I've ever been in! haha

10/10 Heroic Nighthold

Katpriestess adminOfficer posted May 5, 17

What this is:
Two nights a week, two hours a night. 
This is effort, courtesy, companionship, trust, and fun.

What this isn't:
An horrible, all consuming grind.

Thank you, Wolfpack, for being awesome.  We aren't cutting edge raid progression, but we are relevant to current expansions while having a great time. 

Thank you very much for all of the fun so far in Legion.  This has been an amazing expansion to experience with a fantastic group of raiders and guild mates.  The comraderie has been a pleasure and I look forward to more! 

As is the way of things - we've lost a handful of players to real life.  Recruiting is opening up again for not only raiders to build up our roster, but also for 'casual' members of the guild.  We have a consistant roster, but I'd like to get back to raiding with a solid 15 to 16 people again. 

If you are currently in guild and thinking you might be ready to raid, now is your chance! 

New recruit posts are up:

Recruiting on the forums and on the WoW Guild Recruit Reddit 

Looking for three more raiders:

  • Hunter (any spec)
  • Rogue (any spec)
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Unholy/Frost Death Knight (Blood OS)
  • Retribution Paladin (Holy OS)

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