Gotta update that side bar for raid progress! Normal 88% psh, try 100% normal and 38% heroic!
G'huunies never say die!
Good job on that G'huun kill!
Good job tonight guys! Heroic Taloc down :p
Guild Rules, finally updated.
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World of Warcraft


Katpriestess adminOfficer posted Sat at 17:42

We're taking a leap and expanding our raid team size with new to the guild raiders who are bringing in their skills and enthusiasm to round out our team.  This is pretty exciting, but not without a few potential hiccups as we adjust to a much larger raiding group.  

What can you do to help?  Glad you asked!  Especially over the next two weeks - we need everyone to pitch in and run Heroic and Mythic+ instances with those of us that swapped raid toons and with the incoming raiders.  We do not want gear to hold us back from our progression momentum, and gearing up only in raid is never viable.  

Ask questions, get to know your teammates, be in Discord, run instances, have Alliance Murder PartiesTM because working as a team is not a raid night phenomena.  



Heroic Argus The Unmaker Kill

Katpriestess adminOfficer posted Apr 5, 18

Congratulations on another Ahead of the Curve achievement!  

Zetch adminOfficer Nice! Gratz guys.
Belaradori YEYYY!!!

Heroic Kil'Jaeden - Dead

Katpriestess adminOfficer posted Oct 6, 17

Well done, team.  

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