Guys - to state the obvious - you need to have a stable, reliable, internet connection in order to raid.
LOL We should add that to the guild message. "No birthdays allowed." XD
No one has a birthday. Ever.
Who might have a birthday soon? Hmmm?
You do not have access to shout.
World of Warcraft

Heroic G'huun - DEFEATED

Katpriestess adminOfficer posted Dec 7, 18

What??   AOTC FOR ULDIR?  

You bet your ass we did.  

Not bad for four hours a week

Progressing right along.

Katpriestess adminOfficer posted Nov 18, 18

Look at you all - with your badass selves - working like a cohesive team as if you weren't undergeared and just met half the group a few weeks ago.  


7/8 Heroic Progression    

Stay sharp, stay focused - we GOT this.  

Hornofgondor damn, i think i was hidden behind crippie in the so sad right now :'^(
Gozz Who's bad?! We bad! :p

Recruiting: Battle for Azeroth

Katpriestess adminOfficer posted Nov 8, 18  -  recruiting

Thanks, everyone, for a fantastic summer.  We raided, we transmoged, we farmed for mounts.  We played games, had contests, and caused spectacles in major cities.  

As Battle for Azeroth rolls out and we take stock of our raid roster, it's time to recruit again.  

We need one more healer to complete our raid team:  

  • Holy Paladin
  • will consider Resto Druid or Holy Priest  

As always - we are welcoming of any social/casual players who would like to join the guild too!  

Gozz has created a new recruiting thread and I'd appreciate it if you could keep it alive by commenting on it, at least once a day:  Recruiting Thread on the World of Warcraft Forums

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